Company overview

Company overview

iincore is a startup consulting and services firm, with its core objective to provide state of the art services in building products and enterprise applications. The primary mission of iincore is to provide IT solutions based on the realization that while a majority of IT services companies have excelled at providing software development solutions for large organizations, there is no presence of a world class IT service company that has the capacity and competency to provide similar levels of services to smaller organizations.

iincore, was founded by  senior technology specialists from Hewlett Packard who are uniquely qualified IT consultants with an extensive background in cloud computing, mobile development, enterprise application development and web application development.

iincore is an effective partner for startups facing such challenges because it has fine-tuned processes and abilities to deliver highly agile and iterative software development models.

iincore is an organization that specializes in  outsourced software development needs of small companies.

The core value proposition that iincore is that it understands the special needs of startups and small companies which includes limited budgets, ever changing business requirements, fast turnaround time, need to build quick prototypes, lack of infrastructure, and the desire to stay away from heavy upfront investments to curtail business risk.

Keys To Success

  • Providing a model that takes away the complexity of defining full-fledged business requirements
  • Providing flexible financing the budgeting
  • Utilizing existing business contacts and testimonials
  • Being a team of seasoned professionals with a broad range of IT expertise
  • Collaborating with Advisors from Stanford and MIT

“iincore was a key partner to our recently rebuilt and redesigned website. Lakshana and Donald took a consultative and collaborative approach. They listened to our vision and went above and beyond to execute the project within our budget and time constraints. They built a website that we can update and maintain in-house and provided the training so we can be comfortable doing it ourselves. They’re professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. Most of all, we have a website that we are proud of and an ongoing partner we can count on.”

Normina Leonardo
Marketing Manager (Former), Global Upside

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